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Joe Sameh Fine Art Photographerby Joe Sameh

I see things and connect the dots differently than others. That talent has served me well throughout my life. It has helped me in business, allowing me to take paths that others overlook.

My group was the first in the U.S. to advertise sports medicine with the development of The Podiatry Group of Greater New York in 1976. Later I saw the value of patient centric communications years before others in the healthcare industry recognized it. The horizon was constantly scanned to build on my vision of providing better healthcare through improved patient/provider communication. In that search I innovated methods of patient recruitment in clinical trials. Finally, I pioneered the now common method of patients’ using the internet to communicate with their healthcare providers.

That knack carries over to my photography.  My mind envisions vistas in ways others may not, I work to capture and share that vision with you. Sometimes it requires walking around and looking at the same scene from different vantage points. Other times I return to shoot things when I think the lighting will be (hopefully) perfect. Frequently there are delays, just like a fisherman, waiting eagerly yet ever so patiently for the right moment. Hours – days – even years pass. Sometimes that perfect moment never arrives – and then, suddenly I come upon something stunning and unexpected.

The shot that has yet to be captured is my goal. The one others have not seen. The one you can’t get out of your mind. For me Ghost Bride is a perfect example of waiting with success along with a significant number of  lead-in shots before she finally came into focus.

While some of my work has captured the spirit of animals, my passion is for landscape photography. My wife and I moved from Chicago to Las Vegas to be closer to the natural beauty of the Southwest.

I am not afraid to travel off the beaten path, often accompanied by my friend and intrepid professional tour guide Sander Smiles, to search and explore the next grand vista.

Learn more about me, my work, photographic explorations, or join us for a day on an explorative expedition you’ll long remember.

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